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IT security

The safety of the heart of the network, an imperative for all organizations involved to deploy multiple security functions. Liptinfor works with the pioneer in Unified Threath Management, manage by a single device, facilitating administrative tasks and encourages the scalability, flexibility and performance .


A unified security and multifunction

Alongside the traditional antivirus, there are now several security technologies that work together to provide optimum protection: intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring, firewall, application of safety rules, etc. Fortinet manages all the features to ensure full protection of the heart of the network.

Optimized performance

With Liptinfor, you will not have to choose between security and performance. The Liptinfor deploy security solutions at very high speed and thus ensure the smooth flow of your network.

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  • 85% coverage of the territory: Niamey Zinder Maradi Agadez Arlit Tahoua Konni Dosso Diffa
  • Get a dedicated contact and personalized support for each project
  • LIPTINFOR NIGER has a team of specialized engineers and technicians
  • Broadband Internet Satellite, BLR, and Fiber Optics