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Server administration

Need to entrust a competent provider implementation and monitoring of your equipment and network software?

Need to set up an administrative solution to save time and resources while ensuring maximum security and reliability.

Need to centralize, pool and secure your data to increase productivity?

Your network administration must rely on an organized team available.

A server solution

SOHO / SME, choose a server bespoke solution tailored to your needs!

Sharing and data security, peripherals ...

Access management (restricted or total)

LIPTINFOR advises and supports SOHO / SME and professionals in the development and maintenance of scalable and tailored to their needs efficient server solutions.

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Why choose Liptinfor?
  • 85% coverage of the territory: Niamey Zinder Maradi Agadez Arlit Tahoua Konni Dosso Diffa
  • Get a dedicated contact and personalized support for each project
  • LIPTINFOR NIGER has a team of specialized engineers and technicians
  • Broadband Internet Satellite, BLR, and Fiber Optics