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Internet provider in Africa since 2005


Complete redundancy of internet links (Optical fiber + Vsat)


A team of highly qualified and multilingual engineers and technicians


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Internet Solutions

Unlimited high speed ​​Internet

Take advantage of our fast and reliable solutions and get the best of the internet

Our Pay-Per-View IP Services

Internet without restrictions

How many gigabytes did I use?

How many gigabytes do I have left?

How to top-up my plan?

These questions belong to the past, Liptinfor provides you unlimited Internet!

Satellite internet access

Stay connected, everywhere!

Available in C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, Liptinfor connects your sites everywhere in Africa

Pay-Per-View VSAT solutions

Stay connected !

Are you a company ? a start-up? an NGO? a Diplomatic Representation? or any other organization requiring fast service and high availability?

No matter where you are, in the city or in the middle of the desert, Liptinfor connects you everywhere.


High speed internet

Wi-Fi hotspot solutions, bandwidth management, prioritization of protocols, wiring … Liptinfor has the technology and expertise available to manage the most complex networks.

Our network solutions

Turnkey network solutions

A good Internet connection is not enough, good management of the local network is essential to ensure the proper functioning of connectivity solutions.

Liptinfor is here for you, to offer you the best possible service by ensuring end-to-end network management.

Smart Wi-Fi Solutions

Liptinfor offers professional and innovative Wi-Fi solutions that combine both performance and security and are adapted to all needs and environments.

High Wi-Fi availability is key to satisfy your customers. This is why big corporations, hotels and airport have chosen Liptinfor’s Smart Wi-Fi solutions.


All your sites are one!

Connecting all your structures to each other has never been easier, our interconnection solutions adapt to your needs.

Our Interconnection Services

No more borders!

An office in Africa? A head office in Senegal, London or Washington?

Do not turn away from anything, all your offices can be interconnected.

Our brands

They trust us

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Liptinfor offers quality services and is highly professional; we are fully satisfied and recommend their services.

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We have tested other solutions on the market and Liptinfor is undoubtedly the best.

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We are using Liptinfor’s internet connection at work and at home; it is much more reliable and faster than the other solutions we have tried.